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 How to order my contact lenses?

Are the contact lenses we offer you the same ones you will find in stores?

All the lenses that are sold in are exactly the same as those found in the stores. The lenses are approved by the EC (European Community). All lenses are original brands.

I have never used contact lenses. Can I buy contact lenses at

To use contact lenses, they need to be adapted to your vision, the tests are often necessary to determine what your eyes need. Therefore, it is essential to have consulted an ophthalmologist before making the first order on the website.
However, once you have found the exact model contact lenses, You can renew them constantly through our website

You can also contact our sales points for more information and get a free trial.

Your contact lens prices are exceptionally chep. How do you justify that?

Our purchasing power allows us to offer unbeatable prices. guarantees the lowest prices in Europe and will refund the difference if you find cheaper prices..

Is the credit card payment secure?

Today credit card payments through the Internet is completely secure. Our OGONE credit card agency, is one of the most famous to carry out this type of transactions. In addition, you benefit from 3D Secure.

If the lenses I buy do not suit me, what can I do?

We invite you to quickly approach your ophthalmologist who initially prescribed these contact lenses, since from the beginning it was necessary to make the order according to what your ophthalmologist prescribed

Serai-je remboursé par ma complémentaire santé?

Nous vous fournissons tous les documents nécessaires à votre remboursement.
Cependant, toutes les mutuelles ne remboursent pas les achats de lentilles et produits, nous vous recommandons donc de vous renseigner auparavant auprès de votre complémentaire santé.

Are home deliveries made to all European countries?

Yes, without exception.

How do I contact OC?

You can reach us at 01 44 40 15 95 a counselor will be happy to answer you from Monday to Friday from 9h to 18h

We offer you a new online chat service, where you can have an immediate answer to all your questions.

How to read your prescription contact lenses?

To use contact lenses, you must first go to your ophthalmologist and receive a prescription with the right corrections . THE CORRECTIONS OF YOUR LENTILLES WILL DEPEND ON THE CORRECTIONS OF YOUR EYEGLASSES

We will show several parameters:        
O.D. right eye
O.S. left eye

Brand: This is the laboratory brand (example: Alcon, Johnson & Johnson ...)

Model: is the reference of your contact lenses in the laboratory.      
(Example: 1 Day Acuvue Moist, Ophthalmic 55, Easylens ...)

Diameter (DIA) / Radius (BC): these are parameters determined by the ophalmologist following your keratometry.
Diameter and Radius are expressed in mm        
Power (PWR or PW or Power):
  • Sphere: expressed in diopters.
It can be positive or negative depending on your corrections.
  • Cylindre (cyl): corresponds to the value of your astigmatism, this is a negative value in your prescription
  • Axe( ax) : it is between 180 = 0 ° and 90 °
  • Addition : it will be specified for progressive contact lenses.
According to the supplier, it will be rated differently. Example: +1.25, Low / HIGH, P1, Near / Distance ...

Are my glasses correction the same as in contact lenses?

The correction contact lenses is different from your eyeglasses correction.  
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We are here to help you call to (+33) 1 44 40 15 95 or by Email:

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You can call us MONDAY TO FRIDAY for a purchase in store or online from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

0204 517 9341

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