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How to take care of your contact lenses and glasses

Congratulations, you've received your optical product or you have ordered one. We're sure you want to use it healthily and for a long time. We remind you that optical products are health items and that they require rigour and respect to hygiene and to specific ocular health instructions. This is why, whatever it might be for contact lenses, for eyeglasses or sunglasses, whatever the laboratory or the manufacturer is, specific care and utilization rules are to be followed properly to guarantee you entire satisfaction.

Contact lenses

All of our contact lenses are delivered in their original packaging including a user's guide you need to read with attention. Pieces of advice given in that guide are the gold rules for your contact lenses' utilization and guarantee you a good lifetime of your contact lens but also a good protection of your eye. Thus, the washing mode, the wearing time, the maintenance products and all the other recommandations are far from being superfluous, they protect you from several incidents caused by a bad way of using your contact lenses. Piece of advice from professionnal opticians: Be rigourous, you'll enjoy your contact lenses better. Care and usage precautions of contact lenses.

  • Before each handling, wash your hands carefully and dry them with a clean towel.
  • Handle your contact lenses above a clean and exposed surface, in case one would slip down.
  • Clean your contact lenses every day.
  • Change regularly your contact lenses' case generally included with any contact lenses.
  • Repect carefully the maintenance indications and the replacement cycles of your contact lenses and maintenance products. Don't hesitate to write down on your maintenance product bottle its opening date.
  • Use only your care solution for your contact lenses and their case, never water.
  • Never pinch your contact lenses with your nails or with contendant objects.
  • Never use your contact lenses if their packaging is damaged.
  • When a contact lens is damaged, broken, split, slotted or with a damaged edge, you must change it right away.
  • Take care not to ever let too long your contact lenses in the open air, because when they dry, they quickly become unusable (even if you rehydrate them).
  • As far as make up is concerned, it's advisable to applicate it after the pose of your lenses and to demake up after their withdrawal. Please avoid if possible pencil marks on the inner side of your eyelids.
  • Watch out for projections of hairspray and perfume.
  • Never use eye-drops or any ophtalmic product immediatly before or while wearing contact lenses without medical advice.
  • Avoid to wear contact lenses in an aquatic environment, especially at the swimming pool.
  • Withdraw your contact lenses in case of a red or an irritated eye then see an ophtalmologist.


Eyeglasses and sunglasses

The good maintenance of your glasses guarantees you the quality of your vision, the comfort and beauty of your look. Nonetheless, their lifetime depends on your care. gives you some pieces of advice that can help you taking care of them properly.

Maintenance and advices for frames and corrective lenses.

All our frames have a one-year warranty against any manufacturing hidden defect, within the limit of available stocks. All our corrective lenses have a one-year warranty against breaking with a franchise of 50% on the real price. Glasses can be fragile, some advices are good to take.

Maintenance of your glasses:


  • Wash them with water and soap.
  • Don't use a dirty or an abrasive cloth nor any solvent or alcohol that could damage your lenses.
  • Clean them with chamois clothes included and don't hesitate to provide yourself with cleaning supplies(cleaning spray and wet wipes) while purchasing on the site or in our OPTICAL CENTER stores.
  • Handle your glasses carefully and in particular with the most fragile frames such as the semi-cercled ones called nylor or the rimless frames.
  • Put your glasses fold down on their temples and not on their lenses. Avoid putting acetate frames next to too high heat sources(hairdryer, behind a car winshield in the sun, ...) It's highly advised to put on and off your glasses with both hands and to avoid wearing them above your head, which might loosen or distort them. Store your glasses in their case to avoid damaging your lenses.



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