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Ray Ban -Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

It was in 1927 that the story of Ray-Ban began. An American pilot asked an optician to design the ideal glasses to fly.
Historical Model: Ray-Ban Aviator
The "Aviator" bezel (RB 3025) was born and reserved for American fighter pilots in 1933. It would reach the general public during the second world war and become very popular. The Ray Ban sunglasses "Aviator" became mythical in the 1980s thanks to stars such as Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" and Michael Jackson.
Historical Model: Ray-Ban Wayfarer
Another iconic model of the brand, the "Wayfarer" (RB 2140), emblem of vintage today, was launched in 1952. It was made popular by Hollywood stars who wore them in movies and on the street.
The brand Ray-Ban
Today Ray-Ban still sells many of its flagship models, along with other legendary frames, such as Malcom X's "Clubmaster". Thanks to the timelessness of its "vintage" and "retro" keys Ray-Ban continues to appeal to customers. Unaffected by the ephemeral nature of fashion, Ray-Ban immediately made a name for itself thanks to the quality of workmanship and the authenticity of its models, more "modern" than ever and worn by celebrities around the world. Ray-Ban sunglasses guarantee optimal protection for your eyes while providing an impeccable design. A guaranteed quality and a timeless look, Ray-Ban glasses are a safe and unavoidable.
The Current Collection
The new collection introduces new technological innovations, takes iconic models as well as new colors:

  • RB4179 and RB4180: two new Liteforce models made with a new PK001 material, from the aerospace and automotive industry, offering an unrivaled frame quality: lightness, durability and optimum comfort.
  • RB3479: The Aviator special collection celebrates the most iconic model of the brand since 1937, the Aviator model. The models have 8 points of joints and can fold and fold in order to save space.
  • ClubRound RB 4246: it already looks like the Must-Have 2016. This model combines the Clubmaster models and Round iconic and iconic mounts of the brand. A trendy panto shape for a retro look and unique color combinations, these are the ingredients that seduce.

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