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Unique assets

Optical Center's unique assets

On Optical-center.fr, we guarantee you a quality of service


1- Professional opticians

Created by a network of professional opticians, our website is designed to be a real optical store online where all our customers and their eyes' needs are taken into consideration. All our licensed opticians are selected among the best opticians who have a real passion for their profession and the will to help their customers get a good view on the world.


2- Branded products

Several optical products are dispelled to you within a few clicks with preferential prices. The greatest brands and the most beautiful products are on www.optical-center.fr.


3- Optical Center, since 25 years

Optical Center is a very reliable network of opticians. Created in 1991, the 25 years of existence and experience of Optical Center are the best proof of its seriousness and its power. A strength that enables us to offer you a wide choice of branded optical products at unique prices and with unique warranties.


4- Optical Center is implanted everywhere in France

Optical Center is a network of optical stores which has nowadays more than 450 stores implanted everywhere in France and in some european countries. These stores enable you to have an idea about the purchasing power of your optician and thus of his strength to offer you groundbreaking prices. What ever your place of residence is, you'll always find an Optical Center store next to your home.


5- Buy at a lower price

Optical Center prices are particularly low and are willing to be the lowest. This is possible thanks to the extent of our network and, therefore, thanks to the quantity of glasses and contact lenses bought and sold everyday in all our stores.


We're buying less expensive, so we can sell less expensive.


6- In case of breaking, an Optical Center store is there to help

Our ensign Optical Center is next to you. Optical Center stores present on the whole french territory enable you to have an address next to your home where you'll find a professionnal optician who will gladly help you in case you break your glasses. Keep your purchase deposit slip and go see him in case of need, he'll help you at his best.

Simple arguments, true and decisive to be sure to be satified of your online optician.

Have a good purchase on www.optical-center.fr


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