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A wide choice of brands

A wide range of brands of glasses and contact lenses

On Optical-center.fr, we can guarantee you an exclusive service.

www.optical-center.fr is the first and only online optician to offer you a wide range of big optical brands, for glasses and contact lenses, at the best prices.

Thanks to our 400 stores' network, we're offering you several purchase modes. You can choose to buy your contact lenses and maintenance products directly in the store or to purchase them online with delivery at home or directly at the store to benefit from our opticians' service and advice if you have any question after your purchase.


Our brands for contact lenses:

  • Bausch & Lomb contact lenses
  • Cibavision contact lenses
  • Coopervision contact lenses
  • EasyLens contact lenses
  • Johnson & Johnson contact lenses
  • Menicon contact lenses
  • Ophtalmic contact lenses
  • Precilens contact lenses


Hundreds of eye and sunglasses models are available, among which the lattest and unavoidable models of glasses which are also on discount.

  • Chanel eyeglasses
  • Carrera eyeglasses
  • D&G eyeglasses
  • Demetz eyeglasses
  • Diesel eyeglasses
  • Dior eyeglasses
  • Excellence eyeglasses
  • Faconnable eyeglasses
  • Filium eyeglasses
  • Gucci eyeglasses
  • Guess eyeglasses
  • Henry Jullien eyeglasses
  • Hugo Boss eyeglasses
  • Kenzo eyeglasses
  • Kosby and Son eyeglasses
  • Lacoste eyeglasses
  • Level eyeglasses
  • Lukkas eyeglasses
  • Marc By Marc Jacobs eyeglasses
  • Marc Jacobs eyeglasses
  • Nike eyeglasses
  • Oakley eyeglasses
  • Oscar Version eyeglasses
  • Persol eyeglasses
  • Police eyeglasses
  • Paul & Joe eyeglasses
  • Prada eyeglasses
  • Ralph Lauren eyeglasses
  • Ray Ban eyeglasses
  • Tom Ford eyeglasses


Sunglasses have become through the years, as well as eyeglasses, fashion accessories. To enable you to find the best frame for you, we make available the lattest solar collections for you.

Discover our sunglasses collections:

  • Ray Ban sunglasses
  • Carrera sunglasses
  • Oakley sunglasses
  • Persol sunglasses
  • Boss sunglasses
  • Chanel sunglasses
  • Demetz sunglasses
  • Dior sunglasses
  • Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses
  • Excellence sunglasses
  • Emporio Armani sunglasses
  • Faconnable sunglasses
  • Giorgio Armani sunglasses
  • Gucci sunglasses
  • Guess sunglasses
  • Julbo sunglasses
  • Lacoste sunglasses
  • Level sunglasses
  • Level Junior sunglasses
  • Lukkas sunglasses
  • Lukkas kid's sunglasses
  • Marc By Marc Jacobs sunglasses
  • Marc Jacobs sunglasses
  • Nike sunglasses
  • Paul & Joe sunglasses
  • Police sunglasses
  • Prada sunglasses
  • Ray Ban Junior sunglasses
  • Tom Ford sunglasses

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