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Experts working for you

Laurent LEVY,

President Founder of Optical Center

"the simplest access to good vision"

Buying contact lenses and glasses online enables you to choose unlimitedly among Optical Center's thousands of products.

We've been the first to sell cheaper on line all the brands of eyewear, ophtalmic lenses and contactology. We will go on satisfying you and offering you the lowest prices in Europe.

Have a good vision.

Laurent Levy

Optician graduated in Paris, Laurent Levy has founded Optical Center in 1991.
By offering luxury products at a low price, Optical Center realises the biggest increase on the optics market in France.
Professor and member of the HEC Entrepreneur jury, he's also the author of the book "The 7 keys to succeed", largely inspired by his management method at Optical Center.
This method is based on the attention he pays to beings in general to reveal their talents.
Settled at the heart of the holy city since 2005, he's created the foundation "The vision temple". This exceptional place welcomes everyday hundreds of indigents who benefit from an almost free access to sight and hearing.


Mathilde LEROY,

Administation and Finance director

Head of the administrative and financial pole of the society Optical Center since 2001, she has accompanied the group in its development, the Optical Center network having grown from 40 to 450 stores.

Graduated from Paris Dauphine, with an Accounting- Finance degree and a DESCF, she has joined Optical Center after an experience of several years in an accounting firm and after having lived for two years in the United States.

The goals of the administrative and financial pole are to take part in the development of the business strategy and to guarantee the good management of a group in strong growth.


Zevouloun PEREZ,

E-commerce director

"a more human e-business"

This century has propelled us towards new horizons, disclosing fabulous consumering behaviours which enable to save time, and give an access to an infinite range of products, all within a simple click.

E-commerce is born from technology at the service of man. It contributes to everyday's improvement for each and everyone in saving time and in the sellers' disponibility to answer our expectations and needs.

Optical Center makes you benefit today from all the advantages of e-commerce and of mobile technology to present you all its range of optical products at the lowest prices in Europe. Our strength is based on placing human relations at the center of this technology.

Our team of professionnal opticians constitute the foundations of our e-commerce and enables to preserve the assets of our customer service while offering you the best of technology.

Have a good surf.

Zevouloun Perez.

Graduated from the Economy University of Aix-en-Provence, Zevouloun Perez has joined Optical Center in 2009 after having acquired an experience as a project manager within big french financial groups.

Settled in Jerusalem since 2006, he has taken in charge the e-commerce project of Optical Center to accompany it in its everyday innovations and to offer you the best of e-commerce.


Laurent TEULE,

Computers, Technique and Development director

"Optical Center enables everyone, everytime and everywhere to benefit from technical innovation."

The three trends in innovation nowadays are personalization, disponibility and mobility, meaning a product for everyone, everytime, everywhere...

Optician graduated in Paris, married with two chidren, he takes part to the evolution of the society Optical Center since 1994, today as the director of the Computer, Technique and Development pole.



Olivier BAROUKH,

Director of the branches

"Our expertise online"

Based on its network of stores and on more than 20 years of experience, Optical Center opens its expertise beyond frontiers at every time of day and night.

What ever you might be a seasoned internaut or might be ordering online for the first time, you'll find a tailor-made solution to choose, order and receive your new pair of glasses.

Graduated in Paris in 1998 with an Optician BTS degree, Olivier joins Optical Center in 2002 as an optician. Arrived at the seat as director of the branches in 2007, he sets up today the commercial strategies of the group with the customer's satisfaction for only goal.




Director of the franchises

"Our brick and mortar stores at the e-commerce service"

Buying on line means more choices, unbeatable prices and ordering at any hour.

On the other hand, many internauts are still hesitating to make that kind of purchase, fearing to have a result not matching their expectations or a tough management of the after-sale service.

With Optical Center.fr, it's the e-commerce relying on a network of 450 stores in France garanteeing a good follow-up and an optimal service.

Licensed optician, Sacha Assola joined Optical Center in 1996 as an optician.

Since 2001, he's in charge to developp the franchises' network.

Access to franchise being reserved to the best managers of our stores, we thus preserve the original spirit of Optical Center while making sure that our network is of high quality and homogeneous.


Jacqueline BRIL,

Communication and Marketing director

"Freedom to choose"

Pre-school pupils that I've accompanied for 25 years have enabled me to reveal my creative and human skills and have taught me how to work with joy.

My adventure at Optical Center begins progressively by returned services.

Then, carried by the stimulating rythm of the company, I've quitted the children's world and my job as a teacher in 1998.

Laurent Lévy entrusted me then the post of director of Communication and Marketing. A new job that I've learned on my own, encouraged and supported by the efficient management of our president. I've completed my formation by courses at HEC Entrepreneurs.

The development of the brand in France and abroad lays on the will to be at the service of our teams in the stores and of our customers where ever they're from. The marketing and commercial strategy of the group, in continuous evolution, enables since 2007 more and more numerous internauts to buy on our online website. Thus, I take part to the growth of Optical Center, the only ensign to give the freedom to choose: e-commerce AND proximity stores.


Sandra VIDAL,

Director of training

"In our sights, the need, the service and the loyalty of our customers"

It's in 1992 that I entered the Optical Center human adventure, which was then only one-year old. Licensed optician, trainer by vocation, driven by my taste for innovation, I'm directing Optical Center Academy since 2003.

I'm making sure that the strong values of the company are respected: performance, dynamism, ambition, not forgetting the human at the heart of our actions.



Products Director

"Offering to our customers the most beautiful models, the last trends and luxury brands at the lowest prices"

Glasses are the fashion accessory we are wearing the most, along with shoes and bags. We like to change them, to match them, we want one pair for each occasion.

Then, for you, we meet the greatest luxury brands, we are hunting down all the new releases, we analyse the sharpest trends, we travel the world on french, italian and asiatic eyewear showcases, to find the most beautiful creations...

Our will: surprise you, astonish you, satisfy you where ever you are and at any time of day with luxury within one click!

Graduated from HEC, she has specialized in marketing and purchases. She's made her experience in the luxury world of Dior, and upscale hostelry, then she's joined the Optical Center team in 2005.

With her team, she's managing all the products: optical and solar frames, lenses, contact lenses, hearing devices and maintenance products for the whole network as for the website.

Her goal: offer our customers the most beautiful products, anticipate their expectations in aesthetical, technical and technological terms, all that with irresistible prices!


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