A closer look at presbyopia

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A closer look at presbyopia

Published on : 28/07/2022

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Presbyopia affects several million people in France but is often misunderstood. Incorrectly viewed as an eye disease or visual problem, in reality presbyopia is a natural and virtually inevitable process. The good news is there are solutions available today to correct the condition.

Publication Optical Center, written by  21.05.2019 - 13h53

What is presbyopia?

Difficulty reading documents up close, needing to hold your book or newspaper farther away from your eyes…Presbyopia affects near-focusing ability. The condition is associated with the natural ageing of the lens of the eye, causing a loss of elasticity.

What are the causes of presbyopia?

The lens of the eye begins ageing at birth, but the process accelerates around the age of 40. The lens hardens, becoming less elastic and less flexible. Presbyopia stops growing worse after age 65. Between the ages of 40 and 65, however, patients will often need to change their corrective lenses as their vision quickly evolves.

How can presbyopia be corrected?

Progressive lenses are generally recommended. Contact lenses may also be prescribed, for patients practising athletic activities for example. Though more drastic and less frequent, surgery may be considered as an option. New technological solutions are also coming out such as electronic glasses with multi-focal lenses and femtosecond laser surgery on the crystalline lens. In any case, be sure to get your eyesight checked regularly.


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