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"Good weather arrives" ... "The white snow begins to reflect in the mountains because of the dazzling sun" ...

Every season many of you come to ask how to buy sunglasses.

Among these people some are new and others already old customers of optical stores, contactology, etc ...

There are a multitude of people who want to choose their sunglasses and among them are you. Everyone will guide their choice according to their priorities: protection, aesthetics, comfort, fashion, quality.

We offer you here a guide to give you information about sunglasses, helping you to choose and make the best decision.

How to read the reference numbers?

All frames have a reference number, a color, and a size that characterise them For example:  RB 3016 W0366
RB 3016 it´s the reference number Ray Ban´s frames
W0366 it´s the color code
49: it´s the rod width in mm
21: it´s the nose size

What should I do if is not the right size?

You can call our customer service on (+33) 1 44 40 15 95 and
we will check with different manufacturers
if there is a bigger or smaller size suitable for you.
If there is available, the change will be made as soon as possible.


If I buy my frame at, do I have a guarantee?

All our products have a free guarantee for one year, guarantee that comes from the supplier (factory defect)
If the frame is defective or damaged in delivery, we pledge to replace free of charge.


What should I do if my frame needs an adjustment?

If your frame needs an adjustment, we advise you to go to one of our stores to repair the frame, free of charge  

What are the different lenses materials?

There are two types of lenses: organic and inorganic lenses.
Most lenses sold today are organic lenses.

- Organic Lenses: Called "Unbreakable" lenses, they are impact resistant and although lighter but more easily scratched.
Mineral Lenses: these lenses have a high scratches resistance and deterioration, but are heavier and very fragile lenses.

What are different lenses tints?

There are gray lenses, g15 lenses and brown lenses.

Gray: it is a neutral color and does not distort colors.
G15 -Green:
Brown: ideal for the sea and the mountains. Improves contrast and enhances detail.Different tints colors are unique to each person, theoretically a myopic feel better with reddish tints (eg, brown)) and a farsighted with bluish dye (eg gray / green).

What are the lenses categories?


There are four types of solar shades: 1/2/3/4.

- Category 3: It is more specific, appropriate for sports and also recommended for higher altitudes, sea ....
It is forbidden to drive with this lenses category, as specified in its frame. -Category 4 is for more specific activities, is appropriate for sports and is also recommended for higher altitudes, sea..It is forbidden to drive with this category of lenses, as it is specified in its frame.

What are the different treatments lenses?

The glasses can be polarized or degraded:

-PolarizedThis is a treatment that is performed on the lenses, providing the advantage of filtering the reflected light and brightness of aqueous surfaces such as water. Ideal for boat trips (removes water reflections from surface) the polarization is shown on the Ray Ban frames with a "p".
-Degrade: The lenses are treated in order to provide protection to a descent category 3-1

Does the morphology affects the frame choice?

Frame shapes: there are rectangular, oval, round and shapes like  butterfly. The frame should be chosen in harmony with your face shape. - For oval faces, all forms are suitable
-For square faces: We recommend that glasses shape should be oval, large size with smooth delineated.
-For round faces: you can play with angular lines, shapes that lengthen the face or enlarge it.
Frames shapes: you can find in rectangular, oval, round and shaped like a butterfly . The basic rule for choosing your frame is: - The frame should not touch the cheeks when you smile
- Should follow the shape of the eyebrow, not above them, the temple should be long enough. -Usually the customer looks for a lightweight, anti-allergic, resistant frame. -Good sunglasses should filter out 100% of UV rays. The frame shape should wrap well face to keep out the sun's rays.  

Can I order a frame in other colors?

We strive to supply our online store to satisfy all our customers. However, it is impossible to present all frames models  or all existing colors. Therefore, if you prefer a different frame color, please let us know ,without forgetting to indicate your reference number, and we´ll take care of getting it from his factory as long as it is available from the manufacturer.

What should I do if the package is lost?

You can contact us at (+33) 1 44 40 15 95 or to track the package in the mail service (within 15 days).

What should I do if I have not found an answer to my question?

In case your questions have not been answered in this guide, see "frequently asked questions" or mail us to
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